Regional Service Committee

ABCD Regional Subcommittee

ABCD Regional Subcommittee meeting meets the 1st Saturday of every month at 11am.

We have trusted servants positions open so come join us!

Odd months: Zoom meeting ONLY.
Even months: in person AND on Zoom.
Meeting ID: 848 0620 5225

Permanent address is McKnownville Church, 1565 Western Avenue, Albany, NY.

If you are interested in being of service to the region or any of our subcommittees, please attend the next RSC meeting!

ABCD Regional Service Body Members

All executive positions, with the exception of the Regional Delegate (RD), for the ABCD Region expired in December 2022.  If you would like to do service at Region, our next meeting will be held in-person at the McKnownville Church at 11:00 AM on March 4th, 2023.

Chairperson: Karelyn T.
Vice Chairperson: John M.
Treasurer: David F.
Alt Treasurer: OPEN
Secretary: Bruce B.
Regional Delegate:  Sandy M.
Regional Delegate Alt: OPEN
Albany Rensselaer Area RCM: OPEN
Berkshire County Area RCM: OPEN
Green Mountain Area RCM: Bruce B.
Mid-Hudson Area RCM: Debbi R.
Mohawk River Area RCM: OPEN
Seaway Trail Area RCM: Phil D.
Helpline Chairperson: Cassie A.
Hospitals & Institutions Chairperson: OPEN
Policy Chairperson: OPEN
Regional Website Administrator: Kevin L.
Events & Activities: OPEN

              Regional Documents